(Mostly) Weekly Update 11/14/21

Promo Cover courtesy of Dylan Ingram
Note: This is not the final cover.

Well, folx. There’s a reason I call it (Mostly) Weekly Update. And this one is a doozy of a post. Let’s start with the big news:


Somehow, someway, Shadow Spark Publishing (more about them here) accepted my manuscript and I am now the proud owner of my first published book. If you know me, you know this is a milestone that I never thought I’d reach. Even if you don’t know me, I repeat, never thought I’d reach. I was convinced my work was unworthy. But fortunately, someone saw its (and my) worth.

I don’t want to brag and go on and on about my achievements, but the past couple of months have been pretty big for me. I graduated from my MFA program and have plans to re-enroll and get another MA (because I have a penchant for self-destruction). I say all of this with a point.

Being uplifting and encouraging is not something I’m good at. If you’ve ever seen the Debbie Downer SNL skits, that’s me. I find the negative in everything I do, even these two accomplishments. But through all this, I have been reminded that my worth and my value does not come from how others perceive me, but from how I perceive myself. I can sit here all day long and neg on my achievements, but at the end of the day, they’re still there waiting for me to celebrate them. And I think that’s something that people forget. Even if your achievements are small, they’ll still be there when you close your eyes at night. They’re waiting to celebrate with you; you just have to let yourself celebrate them.

I know (gods, I know) that it isn’t easy. Allowing yourself to be happy, PROUD no less, for and of yourself can seem impossible. Still, do yourself a kindness, be proud of all you did today. If all you did was wake up, you know what? You still did something! If you managed to #bossbabe your way through your day, that’s great! If you laid in bed and binged NCIS like I do, also great! Being kind to yourself is free.

As my husband tells me: the rest of the world will tear you down enough. You don’t need to add your voice to it.

Live well. Be kind. As for me, I’m gonna celebrate.


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Writer. Wife. Mom. Blogger. GOAT. I write and read books, then review them. I also write poetry. Come for the fun, stay for the chaos.

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