(Mostly) Weekly Update 8/31

I’m a few days late, but that’s why there’s a (mostly) in the title of these posts. I am nothing if not the embodiment of forgetting to do things—or putting them off and forgetting later. In any case, the topic for this week is what I’m currently (supposed to be) doing: revising! I finished ZODIACContinue reading “(Mostly) Weekly Update 8/31”

(Mostly) Weekly Update 8/19

CW: mention of suicidal thoughts, depression, mental illness This week has been hard. I won’t lie and say there haven’t been moments of light and clarity, but my mind has been clouded and foggy. My suicidal thoughts have been bad this week, worse than they’ve been in a long time. My therapist asked me ifContinue reading “(Mostly) Weekly Update 8/19”


I’ve never been very good at “blogging.” Being part of FanFiAddict has helped quite a bit, but I still struggle with what to say sometimes, especially when talking about myself. That has never been my strong suit. But, I wanted to make this blog to keep myself in check and keep my future readers updated.Continue reading “Welcome!”

About Me

Hi there! I’m Tori. This page will mostly be dedicated to my random thoughts about writing. editing, and life in general. I’m excited to share my ramblings with you and look forward to hearing yours in return!

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